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Marketa B. Art is your go-to destination for inspiring and personalized artwork. I have years of experience working in pencil, watercolors, oils, and pyrography, and I can take any project from concept to completion.

My pet portraits are renowned for their amazing attention to detail, while my watercolor buildings are the perfect décor for any home or office. My oil paintings provide a burst of color and emotion, while my pyrography pieces are intricate and unique. No matter what type of art you need, I am here to make your vision a reality.

Small Custom Pyrography Items

You can commission small custom pyrography wooden pieces for very affordable prices. 
If you are looking for a small, unique presents, look no further. 

Head to the shop section and click on selected "Custom" item, add to the cart and proceed.  Send me your chosen picture by email and that's it. :) 

Until 31/12/2023 all small custom pyrography pieces for £10 only. 

Apollon drawing b.jpg

Portraits in Pencil

£80 - £120

Our pets are members of the family.

They are unique and special.

I can capture their uniqueness and you'll know that it's your pet and no any other. 


Pyrography art pieces

£200 - £250

Wood is such a beautiful material. There isn't many more techniques which have such a natural feel. Rustic but yet elegant.
You can have your very own, hand burned piece of art. 


Watercolour paintings

£180 - £230

If it's the house your grandad grew up in,
the building of your business
or your own house,
I can paint it in a new light, full of life for the next generations to come. 

PXL_20230120_213347927_2 (1)_edited.jpg

Palette knife oil paintings

£250 - £300

From abstract and mystique landscapes to loose portraits full of texture. 

Oils are just beautiful medium. 

Marketa Babackova North Coast Bernese Mountain Dog.jpg
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